Colombia “Betania” from Antioquia

The Betania micro regions of Antioquia have come a long way since 2008 when our good friends at Latorre & Dutch discovered the potential for high quality specialty coffee production.

It was first thought that Antioquia would not be able to produce coffee up to the standards of the famed Narino and Tolima producers. During a time in Colombia when farmers were encouraged to plant new harder yielding varieties “Castillo” and “Colombia”. Antioquia worked hard to keep the Caturra trees separate as the cherry displayed amazing fruit driven and clean cup character, albeit a gamble at the time.

Boy, have the punters changed their minds about the Antioquia region in the past couple of years. Placing 6 winners in the final top ten of the 2014 Colombia Cup Of Excellence competition has well and truly announced just how successful this region is with cup quality and attention to detail at the farm level.

Red Star Coffee is proud to support such quality in specialty coffee, coming from one of the best producing regions in the world.

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