Single Origin – Kenya Karimikui-aa-rungeto-fcs-kirinyaga

Region: Gichugu Division, Kirinyaga County, 500 smallholders

Altitude: 1,700-1800 masl

Varietal: SL-34 and SL-28

Processing: Fully washed

Profile: Chocolate, tart cider, green grape, melon, cascade hops and caramelized sugar


Situated in the North East corner of Kirinyaga county, on one of the many undulating foot hills of Mt Kenya is Karimikui Coffee Factory.  Rungeto was established shortly after the liquidation of the Ngiriama FCS a massive Co-op with numerous factories.  After liquidation Karimikui, Kii and Kiangoi were grouped to Rungeto famers co-operative society with Karimikui reopening in 1997.  Karimikui and Kii, the three factories of the Rungeto FCS all are situated within 2 kms of Githure township and only 4 kms from the Mt Kenya National Park.

The Karimikui coffee factory intakes delivery of cherries for its 500 members many being delivered by bike or Ox driven carts.  The Farmers must then hand sort out over and under ripe cherries.  Because of the terrain Karimikui resides on, once coffee is pulped, fermented and washed most of it needs to be pumped to the other end of the factory to be skin dried then moved to nearby drying beds.  Water used through our processing comes from the Nyamindi River that flows down from Mt Kenya just a short distance from the factories Western perimeter.  Two large water tanks hold water used for processing and 2 seepage ponds for water treatment before it can rejoin the Nyamindi River.




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