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Firestarter 2017: Roasting Workshop


To capitalise on the great number of coffee professionals in Melbourne for MICE 2017, Anne Cooper of Equilibrium Master Roasters put on the first annual Firestarter Roasting Workshop.

Frequent collaborator to Red Star Roasters, Anne Cooper is known nationally and internationally as one of the most knowledgeable and insightful authorities on all aspects of coffee roasting – technical, operational and philosophical.

Red Star was lucky enough to have two among the 40 or so invitees for what was a full and lively day of discussion and learning around many aspects of coffee roasting. Starting with sensory analysis, the workshop featured a lecture from Ademario Iris da Silva, Junior – a leading scientist from Brazil who is investigating processing techniques to improve cup quality, as well as a separate study with Monash University of the aromatic profile and volatile compound development during roasting.

Other discussions and lectures were had with Rob Hoos, a roast master and machine expert from Portland, USA. Felipe Sardi, a farmer and educator in his native Colombia who spoke about sustainability practices and their relationship to lower-defect coffees. And Pak. Wildan from Java Frinsa, Indonesia, who spoke about improving the standing of Indonesian coffees in the global specialty market.

After theory came practical: an extensive workshop on espresso extraction and how to best roast for it, as well as a very rare opportunity for a group discussion among roasters, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the opportunity for us as roasters to learn from one another.

An awesome day with many lessons that we at Red Star will be very fast to put into better, more consistent roasted coffee.

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